Photography by Niels Stomps

Niels Stomps is a professional photographer based in Amsterdam, Netherlands who shoot advertising, architecture and journalism photography. His photographic work exists of photographic series. The central theme of these projects is the way people behave and respond to major changes in their environment and surroundings.

North by Shelby Savage

Shelby Savage was born in San Antonio, Texas and later moved to Charlotte, North Carolina where she spent the majority of her childhood. The rich and varying cultures, of the Texas and North Carolina landscapes, have heavily influenced the way in which she views the world through her lens.

Photography by Bjorn Terring

Björn Terring, born in Stockholm Sweden 1979. Working as a commercial and life style photographer, Björn is inspired by the real world and strives to have accessibility in his work. Always trying to capture that special moment of life results in a feeling of realness. Either it is a documentary job or an advertising campaign …


Forest Photography by Ellie Davies

Ellie Davies lives in London and works in the forests of the South of England. She received her MA in Photography from London College of Communication.Davies had her sixth solo exhibition in the autumn of 2012 at The Richard Young Gallery, London. Her work has recently been exhibited at Arles Photo Festival in France, The …


X-Ray Photography by David Arky

David Arky is best known for his still life, conceptual and x-ray photography. He loves to create clean, crisp photographs with an eye to simplifying objects to their elemental qualities, depicting their form and texture. His advertising clients have included AT&T, IBM, HP, Johnson & Johnson, Illy USA, Verizon, Wyeth Labs, Amgen and Fresca.

Photo of the Day

Ultra-Orthodox Jews watch others collecting spring water during the traditional Jewish rite of “Mayim Shelanu” near Jerusalem April 13. The water is used to prepare matza, traditional unleavened bread eaten during the upcoming Jewish holiday of Passover. (Ronen Zvulun/Reuters

Abandoned Shopping Malls by Seph Lawless

Seph Lawless is a pseudonymous American-based artist, political activist/artivist who has deliberately chosen to keep his identity concealed. In recent years, he has maximized social media platforms to encourage and promote creativity to fight and struggle against injustice and oppression. Seph Lawless writes ‘ The Artivist (Artist + Activist) uses their creativity to fight and …


Photography by Massimo Cristaldi

Massimo Cristaldi was born in Catania (Italy) in 1970. After receiving a degree in Geology, he began managing international research projects. Art is the environment he grew up in and photography was the way he set his creative side free. The driving concern of his work is focused on traces that man and time carve …


Horses Indoor by Marc Vonstein

In 1997, Marc Vonstein first exhibited his own artistic images (the king is red), in Brussels. Almost immediately, he found himself in the fashion world, working commercially for trendsetting fashion and life-style magazines, newspapers, fashion designers and fashion labels. In 2003, he produced a free work on the homeless of Chicago. In 2006 he participated …


Tunnels by Robert Götzfried

Robert Götzfried is a talented photographer and designer based in Munich, Germany. He shoot public spaces when no one is around. Swimming pools, soccer stadiums, cinemas – places that are usually loud and crowded in a quiet in peaceful way. It’s about froms, patterns – architecture in its purest way.

Mass Portraits by Neal Slavin

Neal Slavin is an award winning photographer and film director. His well known photographic books include PORTUGAL with an Afterword by Mary McCarthy (Lustrum Press/N.Y.), WHEN TWO OR MORE ARE GATHERED TOGETHER (Farrar, Straus & Giroux/N.Y.) and BRITONS (Andre Deutsch/London & Aperture/N.Y.).