The winners of the 8th annual iPhone Photography Awards have been announced, with the grand prize going to Man and the Eagle from Chinese photographer Siyuan Niu. The competition launched in 2007 today brings together photographs from 139 countries across many categories, with the only caveat being that the images be captured with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

“It is truly amazing to have so many people from around the world share their experiences,” said IPPA Awards creator Kenan Aktulun, “ the beauty they see and their personal moments with us.”

Here is a selection of our favourite pictures from this year’s competition.

Grand Prize Winner – Man and the Eagle

Grand Prize Winner - Man and the Eagle

Siyuan Niu

“The brave and wise Khalkhas live along the mountains in the south of Xinjiang and are companions with the eagles. They regard eagles as their children and train them for many years to hunt. This 70 year old man is rigid and solemn in front of family and friends, but when he is with his beloved eagle, the corner of his mouth would curve up. When the eagles reach mating age, although he is very reluctant, the man releases the eagles back into nature so that they can thrive. A mild heart and exquisite love are covered by his weather-beaten face. He is a tough man with a tender heart.”

First Place – Modern Cathedrals

First Place - Modern Cathedrals

Patryk Kuleta

“Most of my shots come from Warsaw and one from Strasbourg. The idea was to make it more impressionistic, to show architecture in a completely different way that combines my background in graphic design and painting.”

Second Place – She Bends with the Wind

Second Place - She Bends with the Wind

Robin Robertis

“I was on a iPhone workshop and reunion with a friend and teacher in Cape Cod. We all went out to photograph the the perfect sunset. I tend to bring a few things when I travel, one being this wonderful red umbrella. When others shoot the sunsets and beautiful scenery, I like to photograph some human aspects in these scenes.”

Third Place – Wonderland

Third Place - Wonderland

Carolyn Mara Borlenghi

“This image was taken as part of a series I did for instagram’s #WHPwonderland. Each weekend when the hashtag project comes out I try to come up with an idea and this particular weekend, the weekend before Christmas, was wonderland. For this one I went on a little adventure with my son to the beach and we wore the reindeer masks.”

First Place – Abstract

First Place - Abstract

Jiayu Ma

“When I was visiting The Barnes Foundation, built by Tod Williams + Billie Tsien in Philadelphia, I entered into the main lobby. The double height space made this lobby so open and bright. I was looking at the skyline and I saw a gorgeous light reflected through the ceiling geometry that came into the space.”

Second Place – Abstract

Second Place - Abstract

Junfeng Wang

“The photo was taken when I was visiting Casa Prieto Lopez in Mexico City, designed by the legendary Mexican architect Luis Barragan. Standing in this space, I marveled at how elegantly these walls capture the shadow and cut the sky, time becomes almost visible through the slowly moving shadow and drifting clouds.”

Third Place – Abstract

Third Place - Abstract

Jinsong Hu

“I took this photo at the Tibetan area in the Western Sichuan province last year. These Prayer flags with vivid colors are ubiquitous and also a unique feature of the region. I found the biggest Prayer flag at Aba County, with the help of a local Tibetan, I went inside of the Prayer flag, and was quickly attracted to the fantastic colors and took this photo.”

First Place – Architecture

First Place - Architecture

Jian Wang

“The photo ‘China Red’ was taken in Beijing Olympic Park, in front of this traditional Chinese red wall. I was fascinated by the great visual effect which was created by the lights and shades.”

Second Place – Architecture

Second Place - Architecture

Patryk Kuleta

“Most of my shots come from Warsaw and one from Strasbourg. The idea was to make it more impressionistic, to show architecture in a completely different way that combines my background in graphic design and painting.”

(Note: Kuleta also won First Place overall and Third Place in Architecture.)

Third Place – Architecture

Third Place - Architecture

Patryk Kuleta

First Place – Animals

First Place - Animals

Erica Wu

“I started traveling around Japan 3 years ago and have visited all 47 prefectures to discover all kinds of animal spots, including cat islands, cat temples, zoos and farms. My photo was taken in the Miyagi zao fox village while I was feeding the foxes, it was a very a dramatic scene when they all stared at me at the same time so I took out my iPhone to capture the moment immediately.”

Second Place – Animals

Second Place - Animals

Mette Lampcov

“Milly is happiness on four very short little legs, wagging her tail all day long, but as the day is long Milly thinks she is a ferocious hunter, regardless of her miniature size.”

Third Place – Animals

Third Place - Animals

Dong Jun Zhang

“Yangjiang, Guangdong is famous for the Yellow Bristle Goose. This photo was taken in Lanfeng Village, Pinggang Township, Yangjiang City in the afternoon of February 29th, 2016. At dusk, swarms of yellow bristle geese are marching, quite a spectacular scene, especially with the dust and backlight.”

First Place – Children

First Place - Children


“The photo was shot in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province in China. Two children were playing with a home-made sled on the frozen Songhua River.”

First Place – Flowers

First Place - Flowers

Lone Bjorn

“I took this Photo on a warm day at the end of May 2015. On my way home from work I saw this field full of red back-lighted poppies, catching the last daylight. A perfect end to a good day.”

First Place – Food

First Place - Food

Andrew Montgomery

“The image of the Rhubarb came about when I was working with a chef, she had some produce stored in an old outhouse. Fresh Rhubarb has to be stored in dark conditions otherwise it loses its red/pinkness in the stems, and it is unusual to find them with the leafy tops on. I treat my iPhone like a little sketch-book and thought the colors looked beautiful in the subdued light of the out-house so snapped this shot.”

First Place – Landscape

First Place - Landscape

Vasco Galhardo Simoes

“This picture was taken on the 5th January 2015 when I was flying back to London where I am taking my course. What you see in the picture is a bridge called Ponte 25 de Abril (a very important day for Portugal). I was really lucky to get this photo because 30 seconds after I took the picture the Pilot changed direction and I stopped seeing the bridge.”

First Place – Lifestyle

First Place - Lifestyle

Yuki Cheung

“I and a group of friends went to Iceland last year, the dream destination for every photographer. It was amazing and we enjoyed every moment.”

First Place – Nature

First Place - Nature

Junfeng Wang

“It was during sunset in White Sand National Monument, New Mexico. I was a bit lost since I walked off the trail and my iPhone had no signal at all, the only thing I could do was follow the wheel marks and footprints lef by others, they became the only guide I could rely on to lead me out of this white desert, and to help me fight with my loneliness and helplessness.”

First Place – People

First Place - People

Zhenkai Xia

“I was filming some empty lens reflex for my documentary on the riverbank of the Indian Ganges River, then happened to see this man who was bathing in the river and immediately use my mobile phone to take this moment.”

First Place – Portrait

First Place - Portrait

Elaine Taylor

“My oldest son, Charlie, had been staring out of a train window as we traveled to London for the weekend. It looked as though he was in some kind of daydream. I took a few sneaky shots before he noticed and turned to looked directly at me. He held his dream-like gaze just long enough for me to take this last shot before the moment was lost.”

First Place – Seasons

First Place - Seasons

Valencia Tom

“I was on my way home afer a few hours of shooting outside during Winter Storm Jonas. As I turned back once more to take in my surroundings, I saw the beautiful, but faint image of the Manhattan Bridge in the distance. During a brief pause of activity, I quickly knelt down to snap the photo at the same time a couple stepped into the frame.

First Place – Sunset

First Place - Sunset

Nicky Ryan

“It was the end of summer and was getting slightly cooler so I admired the swimmers doing their laps as it has always needed to be about 40 degrees for me to dive in.”

First Place – Travel

First Place - Travel

Fugen Xiao

“This picture shows harmonious scenery of an old couple who started working early in the morning when the sun shined a light in Xiapu, Fujian Province. I focused on the moment and story in front of me.”

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