The Kennel Club has received almost 10,000 entries came in from over 70 different countries around the world, including the UK, China, Israel, Russia, Argentina and South Africa for it’s “The Dog Photographer of the Year 2018”. Monica van der Maden from the Netherlands has been chosen as the overall winner of the competition with an image of Noa the Great Dane seemingly alone in a forest, which placed first in the ‘Oldies’ category, the first time an image from this particular group has been picked as an overall winner. Monica began taking photos of dogs eighteen years ago and has been professionally snapping man’s best friend for the best part of a decade.

A Veterans Best Friend by Craig Turner, Bullock, New Zealand

A Veterans Best Friend by Craig Turner, Bullock, New Zealand

A Winters Storm by Michael M Sweeney, UK

Black Velvet by Alice Loder, UK

Black Velvet by Alice Loder, UK

2nd Place Young Pup
10 years of age

2nd place MBF

1st place MBF

2nd place dogs at play

1st place rescue

1st place portrait

2nd place rescue

3rd Place I Love dogs

3rd place MBF

1st place dogs at play

3rd place dogs at work
serving dog police trainer
works for police charity

3rd place Puppies

1st place puppies

3rd Place Young Pup

1st Place Young Pup
11 years of age

2nd place Oldies
street dog rescued

1st place I Love Dogs
16 years of age

3rd place rescue dog

1st Place Assistance Dogs

3rd place Oldies

Judges Mention Portrait

3rd place dogs at play

2nd place dogs at work

1st place Oldies
Overall Winner

2nd place assistance dogs

2nd Place Portrait

1st Place Dogs at Work

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