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Taking pictures with a 35mm film camera can teach you a lot about how photography works. This knowledge and experience will come in handy even if you eventually decide to switch to a digital camera. Learn a few basic rules for 35mm photography before you begin shooting, and then take as many pictures as you can to keep learning from experience.

35mm Photography by Jodi Melody

Jodi Melody is a talented 18 years old self taught photographer based in Wellington, New Zealand. She shoots a lot of portrait,

Los Angeles by Travis Jensen

Travis Jensen has a knack for connecting with people and getting them to bare their souls… Scouring the streets of San Francisco

35mm Landscapes by Timothy Evans

Timothy Evans is a talented film photographer, who was born in 1985 and currently based in Queensland, Australia. He shoot a lot

35mm Photography by Julia Jones

Julia Jones is a talented semi-professional photographer based in Sydney, Australia, who shoots a lot of polaroid and 35mm photography. All photographs

35mm Photography by Edie Sunday

Edie Sunday is a talented 24 years old photographer based in Austin, TX, who shoot a lot of polaroid and portrait photography.

35mm Portraits by Dennis Auburn

Dennis Auburn is a talented 21 years old photographer and student from Jefferson City, Missouri who currently based in Houston, Texas.

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