Abandoned Photography

Abandoned PhotographAbandoned Photography is a rather young art trend. Unused half-ruined plants, factories, residential and industrial buildings, hospitals, slums, wastelands – those are the subjects of this modern photo art. Abandoned Photography became widely known in 1990 when American writer and photographer Camilo Jose Vergana issued his famous book “The New American Ghetto” which contained descriptions and photos of abandoned and deserted places. This book has become a bestseller in USA and Europe. Since then the term “Abandoned Photography” is widely used all over the world.
No romanticism, no gloss. Abandoned Photography is completely realistic, honest and sometimes shocking. Besides, these photos are full of secrets. That’s why they excite the imagination. As a rule Abandoned Photography makes people imagine what this or that place looked like when it was full of life. For instance, looking at the huge cinema hall with rotten chairs you cannot stop yourself from thinking who was sitting here long time ago and what movie was shown.
More than that, Abandoned Photography leads to philosophical thoughts. It shows the temporality of human civilization, calls into question the importance of technical progress. We can see that all the achievements people were proud of become rusted machines, broken devices, useless trash.
Modern Abandoned Photography has not only aesthetic but also deep social aspect. Urban problems are usually hushed up. In tourist guides and postcards with city sights the towns are shown from the very best side. Beautiful buildings, green parks, lively streets. On the contrary, Abandoned Photography demonstrates the most unattractive areas. It shows reality as it is, without any embellishment. Abandoned Photography impresses both citizens and city government and makes them to find recourses for solving urban problems.
One the most popular towns for taking such photos is New York with its big variety of abandoned areas. Detroit (Michigan), Centralia (Pennsylvania) and Camden (New Jersey) also attract photographers from all over the world. Japan also has a lot of ex-industrial centers, now called “ghost cities”.
Abandoned Photography reveals not only local problems of this or that town but global environmental problems. The accumulation of plastic bags in the ocean, huge garbage dumps in forests – all of these ecological catastrophes are also shown by Abandoned Photography.
The most famous artists that specialize on Abandoned Photography are Camilo Jose Vergana, Will Ellis, Joe Reifer, Andres Gonzalez. Risking their lives they take photos of the most scaring places of our planet. Rotten roofs, worm-eaten furniture, half-erased graffiti are typical for their photo galleries.

Abandoned Photography as an art trend. Its subjects and history of its appearance. Philosophical and social aspect of Abandoned Photography. The meaning of Abandoned Photography in the world.