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Abandoned Photography as an art trend. Its subjects and history of its appearance. Philosophical and social aspect of Abandoned Photography. The meaning of Abandoned Photography in the world.

Incredible Abandoned Photography by Corey Smith

Beautiful urbex photos by Corey Smith, talented photographer, retoucher and explorer who was born in Florence, KY, but currently resides in Indianapolis, IN. Corey focuses on street photography, he shoots beautiful architecture, interiors, urban landscapes and drone shots. “It is my goal each and every time I pick up the camera to create something amazing and that inspires others to create something amazing”, he says. Smith has over 14,400 followers on instagram. As a child, I always had an interest in art and photography, but it was not until the fall of 2016 that I picked up a DSLR for ... Read more

This Must Be the Place: Abandoned Places Across The Word by Brendon Burton

Very moody and atmospheric abandoned and forgotten places by Brendon Burton (previously featured), photographer and artist based between Brooklyn and Portland. For his latest series “This Must Be the Place”, Brendon captures spooky and beautiful landscapes of forgotten places around the world. Some of the farm house photos remind me of Andrew Wyeth paintings. These shots make me feel nostalgic towards the places I have never even been to… These abandoned places across the world have been left in ruins. Calgary, Canada California, USA Colorado, USA Krakow, Poland Michigan, USA Montana, USA New York, USA Oregon, USA Wyoming, USA More ... Read more

Abandoned Buildings Across America: Photography by Jayson Cassidy

Jayson Cassidy is a talented 29-year-old photographer and urban explorer currently based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Jayson focuses on street photography, he shoots stunning cityscapes, urban and abandoned places. Cassidy has 18,800 followers on instagram. He shares awesome pictures of abandoned jails, prisons, power stations, hospitals and psychiatric clinics. More info: instagram / facebook

Decaying Bathrooms: Abandoned Photography by Ralph Graef

Ralph Graef is a self-taught photographer and a cell biologist who was born in southern Bavaria, spent most of his life in Munich and currently based in Postam, Germany. “Yet, it was my move to Potsdam that triggered a more intensive involvement with photography, since here I found friends in the local photo club who gave me a great creative environment to spend a huge part of my spare time for my creative talents”, he explaines. Ralph shoots a lot of landscape, urban, travel, architecture and fine art photography. He uses digital cameras and analog medium format cameras with a ... Read more

Jenn Brown Captures Gorgeous Abandoned Places in US

Jenn Brown is a multi-talented self-taught photographer, artist and designer currently based in Randallville, New York. Jenn is obsessed with abandoned places, she captures urbex spaces of all sorts: crumbling paper mills, factories, synagogues, theatres, rooms and farms. More info: instagram

Nicola Bertellotti Explores Fascinating Abandoned Castles Across Europe

Nicola Bertellotti is a talented 41-year-old self-taught photographer, artist and adventurer currently based in Pietrasanta, Italy. Nicola is a real castle-hunter travelling around the Europe to capture the crumbling ruins before they are reclaimed by nature of vandalised beyond recognition. He studied History at the University of Pisa, where approached Jonh Ruskin’s philosophy and where the sense of the transience of everything is deeply rooted in his vision of the world. More info: website

Home Less: The Impact of Financial Crisis on Portuguese Properties by Nelson Garrido

Nelson Garrido is an professinal 42-year-old Portuguese photographer currently based in Porto, who focuses on architectural influences. Garrido teaches architectural photography in the Instituto Portugues de Fotografia. His series “Home Less”, reveal buildings that were left abandoned when the several financial crises hit Portugal. Nelson first embarked on the project in 2012, more than four years after the start of the financial recession. Going beyond the revelation of ruins, it provides an authentic experience of places. Some of the buildings were left deserted after completion, while others were abandoned before they were even finished. I have been photographing spaces that, ... Read more

Simon Yeung Captures Britain’s Stunning Abandoned Buildings

Photographer Simon Yeung travels around Britain to explore and photograph the breathtaking beauty of its abandoned places. His mission is to highlight the beauty of decay through his work, capturing hotels, churches, stations, mansions and hospitals. “Photographing abandoned places is my passion and in all honesty has become an obsession. I do a lot of travelling to go to these places,” he says. You can discover other works of the artist on his Instagram account. More info: instagram

Mirna Pavlovic Documents The Decline of Grand European Villas

Mirna Pavlovic is an architectural photographer, writer and urban explorer who was born in 1989 in Zagreb, Croatia and currently based in Belgium. Mirna studied Comparative Literature and English Language and Literature at University of Zagreb. For her latest series “Dulcis Domus”, Pavlovic documented abandoned villas, palaces and castles found across the urban and rural areas of Europe. “They are never truly dead, yet never really alive,” she says. “Precariously treading along the border between life and death, decay and growth, the seen and the unseen, the past and the present, abandoned places confusingly encompass both at the same time, ... Read more

Gorgeous Abandoned Buildings Photography by Jamie Betts

Jamie Betts is a talented photographer based in Richmond, VA, USA. Jamie uses Sony A7RII and Nikon D750 cameras, he shoots a lot of landscapes, urban, portrait and commercial photography. More info: instagram / facebook / website

Chris Staring Captured Stunnung Cemetery of Abandoned Trains in Bolivia

Chris Staring is a talented photographer, designer and traveler currently based in Melbourne, Australia. He has travelled through more than 60 countries while completing a project 365 and winning numerous photography competitions. For his latest series “End of the Line“, Chris visited Uyuni, a city in the southwest of Bolivia, to capture an amazing cemetery of abandoned trains. Over 100 steam locomotives and rail cars date back to the 19th century, to the heyday of the transport in Bolivia, when Uyuni had been the home of a rail-car factory. They’ve been abandoned over time in the “Cemetrio de trenes”, or ... Read more

Beautiful Photos of Abandoned Buildings by Chris Walvoord

Chris Walvoord is a talented self taught photographer, musician and traveller currently based in Pasadena, California. Chris works as logistician at American Airlines, he shoots a lot of travel, landscape and nature photography. More info: instagram / facebook / website