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Like abstract art, abstract photography avoids symbolic representation, is based on the photographers eye and can produce very dramatic images.

Smoke: Abstract Photography by Ken Hermann

Ken Hermann is a talented photographer and art director currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. His images are pathways, connecting us to micro worlds and challenging us to rethink ideas of photographic representation. Ken doesn’t worry about trends, staying true to his point of view as an image-maker. It’s exciting to see a young photographer with such a strong singular vision and approach. Enjoy also his “Bökh: Wrestlers of Inner Mongolia” series. More info: instagram / facebook / website

Michael Lee Captures London Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Michael Lee is a talented photographer, painter and artist based in London, UK. Michael received his MA in Fine Art from Middlesex University London. He shoots stunning abstract and hdr street photography. “Although my photographs appear to be computer manipulated, they are generated entirely within my camera,” he says. “My technique utilises a function for creating composite images of three different exposures. However, instead of keeping the camera in a secured fixed position, I twist my lens, drag the camera and alter focus between and during each exposure. So it’s a way of both acknowledging and rejecting the stillness that ... Read more

Colorful and Abstract Industrial Minimalist Photography by Stuart Allen

Stuart Allen is a talented photographer from Bradford, UK, who by day travels the world for work. Stuart focuses on minimalist, colorful and abstract vision of urban architecture and cities. “I was raised on film SLR’s, but fully embraced the digital world in the early 2000’s,” he says. “I am not scholared in photography or art, but seem to see things that most would simply pass by.” I spend a considerable (some would say unhealthy) amount of time wandering city streets and industrial areas in search of my images. For over 30 years, Stuart Allen captures stunning patterns of Architecture. ... Read more

Minimalist and Abstract Photography by Andrea Grützner

Andrea Grützner is a talented fine art photographer and artist, who was born in 1984 in Pirna and currently based in Berlin, Germany. Andrea received her Master of Arts degree in photography from the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences in 2014. Her minimalist photography is very challenging and complex. Andrea’s interests involve the perception of space, historic and memorial structures, visual irritation, the familiar and at the same time unfamiliar. Grutzner is also a contributor to the German art photography magazine Der Greif. The house is – as the cultural center of the village – a projection screen for generations ... Read more

Arrangements Project by Clayton Cotterell

[gallery link=”file” columns=”1″ size=”medium” ids=”97939,97940,97941,97942,97943,97944,97945,97946,97947″] Clayton Cotterell is a talented fine art and commercial photographer based in Portland, OR, USA. He received his MFA in Photography, Video, and Related Media from School of Visual Arts in New York City in 2008. For his series “Arrangements”, Clayton captured abstract photographs using traditional techniques and viewpoints. Cotterell’s images are, as glimpses of natural abstraction, free from the digital polish of post-production or after-the-fact manipulation. “In Arrangements I seek out abstractions of the real world. While influenced by the ever evolving language of the image, I aim to add to the conversation by ... Read more

Cowboys by Stefano Galli

[gallery link=”file” columns=”1″ size=”large” ids=”92149,92150,92151,92152,92153,92154,92155,92156,92157″] Stefano Galli is a talented Italian photographer, who was born in 1981 and currently based in Los Angeles, CA. He received his BA in Cinematography from the University of Turin. After graduating he moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, where he worked with director Lars von Trier at Zentropa Entertainment. During these years he attended Fatamorgana, the Danish school of art photography. Galli’s work documents his journey of crossing deserts, through forgotten villages, on remote and empty roads.

Abstract Photography by Kim Keever

[gallery columns=”1″ link=”file” size=”full” ids=”82278,82280,82281,82282,82283,82284,82285,82286,82287″] Kim Keever‘s large-scale photographs are created by meticulously constructing miniature topographies in a 200-gallon tank, which is then filled with water. These dioramas of fictitious environments are brought to life with colored lights and the dispersal of pigment, producing ephemeral atmospheres that he must quickly capture with his large-format camera. Keever’s painterly panoramas represent a continuation of the landscape tradition, as well as an evolution of the genre. Referencing a broad history of landscape painting, especially that of Romanticism, the Hudson River School and Luminism, they are imbued with a sense of the sublime. However, ... Read more

Abstract Photography by Mike Cable

[gallery columns=”1″ link=”file” ids=”78419,78420,78421,78422,78423,78424,78425,78426,78427″] Mike Cable is an Award Winning and Published Photographer who lives on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. His photographs have appeared in major photography magazines, an Canon EOS Camera Brochure, hotels, private collections, books and won or placed in some of the worlds largest and most prestigious photography competitions. These include the International Photography Awards, PX3 France and The Black and White Spider Awards. Mike is available for commissioned work using traditional film cameras up to 4×5 or by digital workflow. All of his work is available for licensing or on an royalty free rights basis ... Read more

Urban Melodies – Beautiful Superimpositions by Alessio Trerotoli

Alessio Trerotoli is an italian photographer based in Rome. He defines himself as a “romantic traveler” and in the last years his pictures were exposed in several italian galleries. In 2012 he published his first book, “Fuori dalla Caverna”, with pictures and notes of his travels. In his series “Urban Melodies,” Alessio Trerotoli creates abstract representations of contemporary life by overlapping multiple pictures. He refers to these superimpositions as melodic images. Similar to the musical notes in a melody, each picture can stand by itself, but layered with the other pictures, the new image expresses a richer meaning. “All of ... Read more

Abstract Photography by Nathan Ikon Crumpton

[gallery columns=”1″ link=”file” ids=”55892,55893,55894,55895,55896,55897,55898,55899,55900″] Nathan Ikon Crumpton is a photographer, model and athlete, who was born in Nairobi, Kenya, on an otherwise unremarkable day in October of 1985 and spent his first five years living in East Africa before moving to Geneva, Switzerland.

Impressions of San Francisco by Christopher Dydyk

[gallery columns=”1″ link=”file” ids=”27398,27399,27400,27401,27402,27403,27404,27405,27406,27407,27408″] Christopher Dydyk began his career as a professional photographer in 1995. Although he is best known around the world as the co-author of the best selling photo book SHYBOY: THE HORSE THAT CAME IN FROM THE WILD, Christopher is an editorial photographer who specializes in event, corporate and people photography. His unique blend of style is developed from a broad range of artistic and photographic experience. He possesses an uncanny ability to be creative under pressure while staying true to his style of colorful and energetic imagery. His personality, including his easy smile and ready laugh, ... Read more