Achraf Baznani is a Moroccan artist, he was born in Marrakesh. The field of photography is naturally varied. Some series reflect a reality that is often inconvenient or hidden, some intend to evoke a certain sensation in the spectator and some take us to imaginary worlds by being able to use edition technology.
But beyond this third option is Achraf Baznani’s work, the surrealist self-taught photographer who manages to take us by the hand to an adventure in miniature in a scenery full of tools and objects that are as daily as cups, lightbulbs, teapots or paper boats.
Born in Marrakech, Baznani got an EKTRA compact 250 for his birthday so as to capture happy moments, however, he has gone way further even though he never received formal education on the subject. He has a published photobook called “Through my lens” and has participated in short films and documentaries such as “On”, “The Forgotten” or “Immigrants”. We won’t stop saying so and Baznani probably agrees: a bit more of do, do, do and a bit less of fear, fear, fear.