Adrian McDonald is a Jamaicean conceptual and wedding photographer and film director, who calls himself a “philosophical” photographer. Adrian was introduced to photography by a friend (Richard Brown) in April of 2012. Up until the beginning of 2013 he was primarily a wedding photographer, but now he shoots a lot of portrait, fine art and conceptual photography.

I’ve always been amazed by the biblical story of Adam and Eve. It’s what inspired this series. As a fine arts photographer I often struggle with subjectivity and objectivity. I create art not for self nor singular or linear perspectives but for its interpretation to be as vast as the viewers that will view my work based on the facts presented; objectively. Of course I knew the day would come when my representation of art would hit the wall and I would have to decide if I’m going to turn back or break it down and go through it.

– Adrian McDonald wrote on Bored Panda

Enjoy also his wedding photography.