Adrien Broom is a self-taught photographer with a penchant for the bizarre and beautiful. She is committed to creating art that is exploratory, communicative and empowering to the viewer. Her photographs represent a peek into her aesthetic connection to the world around her. Her images often tell stories, exploring conversations between the natural wend and western culture through constructed narrative scenes.

Adrien’s experiences in different media have greatly shaped her approach to photography. She received her BA in 3D Computer Animation in Boston, has studied Fine Art in Florence and has studied Art History at Christie’s in London. These experiences exposed her to works that continue to influence the structure, composition and painteriy quaiity she tries to achieve in her work. She is greatly influenced by artists such as John Singer Sargent, Caravaggio and Gregory Crewdson.

Adrien’s commercial work revolves around music, fashion, editorial and portraiture, She has recently been published in: Roiling Stone, Reiix Magazine, Marie Claire, Nylon Magazine, Blender Magazine,Boston Globe, Poiistar and the New York Sun among others. W Magazine also recently named her an up-and-coming photographer to look out for.

Adrien currently resides in New Haven, CT but loves to travel the globe in search of new experiences and aesthetic moments. in her next project, she wants to explore the communion of celebratory festivals in context, focusing on how history and spontaneity intersect in beautiful array.