Daniel Taipale is a talented self-taught photographer, retoucher, adventurer, and Instagram star from Finland. Daniel (previously featured with his brother) focuses on traveling and lifestyle photography. He never took any classes to learn photography. Taipale has over 201,000 followers on Instagram and counting.

In 2007 Daniel moved to New Zealand to follow his dreams of snowboarding and surfing. It was a good opportunity to bring the camera along and capture the life he was living. He continued traveling Through Asia and spent few months living in China and moved to Japan to teach snowboarding in the Japanese Alps for local kids. This was an amazing chance to capture some of the most amazing landscapes in the world and document life along the way. Daniel had found what he wanted to do. He moved back to Finland in 2010 and started taking photography as a business more seriously. He took very calculated steps to create a need for his kind of photography. He never forgot the passion for traveling and he was able to build a business combining those both passions of his. Now he keeps traveling and documenting his adventures around the world.

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