Spectacular travel landscapes by Jack Anstey, a talented 25-years old self-taught photographer, adventurer, and drone pilot currently based in Leicester, Midlands, United Kingdom. Jack focuses on landscape and adventure photography. He shoots a lot of outdoor, nature, and lifestyle photos. Anstey has over 53,300 followers on Instagram and counting.

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved the outdoors. My earliest memories are of exploring the fields behind my house, climbing trees, and building ramps for my bike. I got my first camera aged 14 to photograph me and my friends skating, and since then I’ve loved capturing moments and sharing them with others. As I got older I began taking more trips and spending more of my time outdoors; I discovered mountains, wild camping and starry night skies – my eyes were opened to the incredible beauty of the world, and of course I had my camera by my side to capture it all.

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