Outstanding travel landscapes by Jan Gawron, a talented photographer, adventurer, and drone pilot currently based in Heidelberg, Germany. Jan focuses mainly on outdoor photography. He shoots a lot of adventure, landscape, lifestyle, travel, and drone photography. Gawron has over 31,500 followers on Instagram and counting.

I am 26 years old, grew up in Heidelberg, Germany, moved out after I finished school and went on to start university life in Freiburg. After a good mixture of laissez fair and hard working semesters, I now hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Sciences and History with a focus in international relations in Southeast Asia. During the course of my studies I haved lived, studied and worked in various countries spread over three continents. I learned about equality and modern family concepts in Norway, researched Non-Governmental Organizations specializing in Human Rights providing judical assistance for foreign workers in Indoneisa, published an academic article on education in Southeast Asia and was confronted with ongoing effects of Apartheid in South Africa while taking classes on the exploitation of women from the global South at the University of Cape Town. Now, I am happily back in Heidelberg. For a while at least…

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