Spectacular landscapes by Jarrad Seng, multi-talented photographer, filmmaker, drone pilot, adventurer, artist and Instagram sensation currently based in Perth, Western Australia. Jarrad travels around the globe to capture magnificent landmarks as well as remote places, and wildlife. He has over 197,000 followers on instagram.

I like putting myself in crazy situations that give me great anxiety and seeing if I can come out alive and stronger. I am always up for a fresh challenge and I want to prove to myself that the underdog can hold their own against the big boys. I’m creative, cunning and focussed and I think that can take me all the way

With a thirst for adventure and a unique creative vision, Jarrad Seng has a knack for pulling off crazy ideas. In recent years he’s hung out of open plane windows to shoot the aerial landscapes of Iceland, captured portraits of Maasai children in remote Tanzania, and spent five days hiking through the world’s largest cave.

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