Jhamil Bader is a talented self-taught photographer and traveler who grew up on 21 acres on Whidbey Island, Washington and currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon. “I spent most of my childhood creating”, he says. Jhamil focuses on traveling, landscaping and portraiture, he captures stunning outdoor and lifestyle shots from his adventures.

I took up a kinesiology internship to fund my travels during the summer of 2016, right before my senior year at university. I’d work 50+ hours during the week and then I’d hit the road for the weekend, traveling from sunset on Friday to sunset on Sunday. There were weekends when I’d get in at 3 or 4am Monday morning, with my shift starting at 8am after a night of watching and shooting the stars but it was always worth it to pursue my desire to continue adventuring and creating. I quickly came to a self-realization. That while I enjoyed working in the health field, consistently being on the road and creating brought me what I felt to be a purpose in life. I had a story to tell, and a way to tell it.

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