Category: Aerial Photography

New York City From Above: Aerial Photography by Evan Meyer

Evan Meyer is a talented self-taught photographer and adventurer currently based in New York City. Evan shoots a lot of urban, rooftop, lifestyle, travel and aerial photography. He uses Sony A7Rii, Sony A6000 and DJI Mavic Pro. More info: instagram

Iceland From Above: Aerial Photography by Kevin Krautgartner

Kevin Krautgartner (previously featured) is a talented photographer and digital artist currently based in Wuppertal, Germany. He graduated from University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund with a degree in photography and graphic design. Kevin focuses on architecture, he also shoots amazing landscapes and urban photography. Krautgartner recently visited Iceland and captures stunning aerial images. “The beautiful landscapes of Iceland has always been fascinating me”, he explaines. “The best way to capture all those different kinds of nature is from above…” More info: instagram / facebook / website

Aerial Views of The Carrara Marble Mines by Bernhard Lang

Bernhard Lang is a talented photographer and fine artist from Germany who focuses on aerial views of industrial and vacation destinations. Bernhard recently visited Italy and captured stunning aerial views of the Carrara Marble mines, for his latest project titled “Carrara Marble”. Enjoy also his Fish Farms series. Above the city of Carrara in the Apuan Alps in Italy there are the Carrara Marble mines where the creamy white stone is extracted. The exceptional quality of this white marble is know since roman times, when the roman empire already used it for the construction of their most prestigious monuments and ... Read more

Contours: The Arid West Coast of South Africa From Above by Dillon Marsh

Dillon Marsh is a multi-talented photographer and artist from Cape Town, South Africa. For his latest series “Contours”, Dillon captured fascinating aerial photos of the arid west coast of South Africa. Enjoy also his Wayside project. More info: facebook / website

Los Angeles From Above: Vibrant Aerial Shots by ArtbyArtLA

ArtbyArtLA is a talented photographer, artist, retoucher and drone pilot currently based in Los Angeles, California. Art focuses on aerial photography, he shoots a lot of commercial and residential real estate photography. He is inspired by the work of Ansel Adams. As Ansel Adams said ““To the complaint, ‘There are no people in these photographs,’ I respond, There are always two people: the photographer and the viewer.” I hope you enjoy the journey through his eyes. More info: instagram / facebook / website

Fish Farms: Intensive Mass Fish Farming in Greece by Bernhard Lang

Bernhard Lang is an professional aerial photographer based in Munich, Germany. For his latest series “Fish Farms”, Bernard captured stunning aerial shots of fish farming on the sea in Greece. More info: instagram / facebook / website

Pilot’s Cockpit Photos Show Thunderstorm’s Drama at 37,000 Feet Over the Pacific Ocean

Santiago Borja a.k.a. aka The Storm Pilot is a Ecuador Airlines pilot who takes photos that would make Zeus proud. Taken from a Boeing 767-300ER cockpit at the precise moment of a lightning flash, the image captures a powerful thunderstorm forming above the Pacific Ocean just south of Panama. The Quito, Ecuador-based pilot sent this photograph to National Geographic in July 2016, and it was featured on the website’s “Daily Dozen” of the best photographs from around the world. I like this photo so much because you can feel the amazing size of the storm and its power. More info: ... Read more

Stunning Aerial Photography by Henry Do

Henry Do is a talented travel photographer and adventure seeker currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada. His love for seeking new destination and passion for photography have led to the creation for some of the most beautiful images that are truly unique and captivating to the viewers around the world. Henry focuses on traveling, he shoots amazing landscapes, adventure and aerial photography. More info: instagram / website

THAW: Timo Lieber Captures The Fragile Beauty of The Melting Arctic Polar Ice Cap

Timo Lieber is a talented aerial photographer and artist based in London, who decided to capture the impact of Arctic warming and translate it into beautiful photographic images. Timo focuses on the environment, ranging from alpine ski slopes to oceans in the summer. His latest series “THAW”, is the result of a collaboration undertaken by Timo and several leading glaciologists. It is a series of eleven beautiful, large-scale fine art images of the Arctic landscape which capture not only the beauty but also the impact of Arctic warming on the region and draw attention to this amazing yet disturbing occurrence. ... Read more

South Africa From Above: Abstract and Minimalist Aerial Photography by Zack Seckler

Zack Seckler is a 37-year-old fine art photographer who was born in Boston and currently lives and works in the suburbs of New York City. For his latest series “Aerial South Africa”, Zack took to the skies 2,000 miles above South Africa for seven days in a two-seater sport plane. From elevations between 50 and 500 ft the landscape hovers on the line between things looking very real and recognisable and being more abstract. That’s what really draws me in — the line between reality and abstraction. More info: instagram / facebook / website

Beautiful Aerial Photography by Drew Palladino

Drew Palladino a.k.a. Ghxst is a talented self-taught photographer and explorer currently based in the Los Angeles area. Drew shoots amazing urban, abandoned, street, landscape & artistic portrait photography. “I picked up a camera at 14 years old & have been hooked ever since,” he says. “Fast forward 7 years & I’m still learning about my craft every day.” My photography/editing style is inspired from a plethora of muses; new & old. My dreams are that of any passionate artist; chase their craft in search of an unobtainable state of content with their own work. Photography has changed my life ... Read more

Bulgaria From Above by Dimitar Karanikolov

Dimitar Karanikolov is a talented self-taught photographer, architect, art director and digital artist from Bulgaria who currently lives and works in London, UK. Dimitar received his MA in Architecture from UACEG, Sofia in 2002. He is also founder of MESHROOM – visualisation and design studio based in London. More info: instagram / facebook / website