Alain Cornu is a talented 49 years old French photographer, who was born in 1966 in Decize and currently based in Paris. After graduating from a fine arts high school, Alain was accepted to the GOBELINS Institute of Photography. He continued his training by assisting several Parisian photographers and in 1991 Alain became a professional photographer. For his project “Over Paris”, Cornu captures a theatrical side to the romantic city, illuminated in the moonlight. Having lived for many years on the ground floor of a Parisian building, it had never occurred to him to go upstairs. So Alain focused on the endlessly interesting rooftops of Paris. Historically, Paris was the first city to have street lighting in the XVII century. The only light came from the skylight, ran along the wall , spilled onto the floor and up the service ladder hanging there. It was used by roofing workers, chimney sweep and antenna salesmen to get on the roof.