Albert Dros (previously featured) is a talented 31-year-old freelance photographer who was born in Amsterdam and currently lives and works in Amersfoort, Netherlands. Albert focuses on landscaping, he shoots incredible nature, cityscapes, astrophotography, nightscape and travel photography. He recently visited Guatemala and photographed the eruption of Fuego, an active volcano on the edge of a little town called Antigua Guatemala.

I planned everything carefully weeks before making my trip using all the tools that I had at my disposal. First of all I used Photopills to plan the position of the milky way. Then I used the tools I found online to ‘get to know’ the volcano by observing scopes, recent activity logs and webcams. Last I called the local weather station when I finally arrived in Guatemala multiple times to get a recommendation about the weather up there above 3000m. When clear skies were predicted in combination with lots of activity i made my move to try my luck.

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