Alessio Trerotoli is an italian photographer based in Rome. He defines himself as a “romantic traveler” and in the last years his pictures were exposed in several italian galleries. In 2012 he published his first book, “Fuori dalla Caverna”, with pictures and notes of his travels.

In his series “Urban Melodies,” Alessio Trerotoli creates abstract representations of contemporary life by overlapping multiple pictures. He refers to these superimpositions as melodic images. Similar to the musical notes in a melody, each picture can stand by itself, but layered with the other pictures, the new image expresses a richer meaning. “All of them, if linked to one another and concatenated in a bigger context, can create something different and, most importantly, something unique,” he says. “They can reach a different meaning and become part of the melody: this is why my project is named “Urban Melodies.”

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