Alexey Kljatov aka ChaoticMind75 is a talented artist and photographer based in Moscow, Russia. He shoots HDR from multiple exposures, mostly night cityscapes; macro, especially snowflakes, and still life lightpainting. Alexey uses Canon A650 with a custom-built macro add-on for the camera: a Helios 44M-5 from an old USSR SLR camera called a Zenit. Kljatov takes photos of the intricate shapes and patterns of snowflakes with a standard camera and a macro lens. For each picture, Alexey either lights the snowflakes from below a glass surface with an LED flashlight or shoots them on a dark opaque background, such as wool fabric. At 5 to 7 millimeters, this snowflake is relatively large.

My shooting place is open balcony of my house. Less than half of it covered by roof, other part is under open sky. When the snow is light, i photograph on the open part, choosing the most beautiful and interesting snowflakes fell on the background, and clean background periodically, when it becomes covered by snow. When snowfall is heavy, usually i photograph under the roof, bringing the background under the snow to catch the new crystals. I was lucky that i have such nice place, where nobody disturbs me and i can return into house when i freeze.

Alexey Kljatov