Alexia Sinclair is an award winning Australian Artist and Photographer. Her distinct style is easily recognisable and highly original. Using a visual narrative to seduce her audience with each photographic feast, Sinclair’s art is dark and seductive, baroque and symbolic. Her multilayered photographs subtly present contemporary notions of fashion and beauty through innovative digital media, whilst restoring antique notions of classicism, elegance and luxury.

Sinclair is an artist who skilfully walks the tightrope that divides the worlds of Fine Art and Commercial Art. Whilst her evocative Fine Art imagery adorns the walls of museums and is held in important art collections, she often translates these skills and signature style into highly polished campaigns in the commercial arena for clients such as Harpers Bazaar and Canon Australia.

Motivated by her love and devotion for all things intricate and unusual, this versatile creative uniquely approaches her creative production by filling all of the roles, from designing sets and props, to makeup and costumes. Sinclair travels the world photographing locations and models and works in post production constructing imagined worlds through the combination of her photographs and hand illustrations.

Completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons I) and Master of Fine Arts, Sinclair is the recipient of a travelling arts scholarship, and two postgraduate scholarships. She has worked in New York as a digital artist and exhibited in numerous exhibitions including at the Australian Centre for Photography and the Art Gallery of NSW.

The jewel of Sinclair’s crown belongs to her celebrated series The Regal Twelve. This complex series portrays historical Queens combining contemporary notions of beauty and fashion with traditional fine art techniques to explore the lives and contrasts of twelve fascinating women. Inspired by the masters of renaissance art, Sinclair’s series tells a historical tale through a myriad of delicious symbols and motifs. Designed to define these contrasts, these symbols unleash historical realities within the guise of fantasy montage creating truths within the untrue. This acclaimed series won three national awards in 2007 for their innovation and is now touring the world.