Alicja Zmyslowska is a talented 20 years old self taught photographer and artist based in Ruda Slaska, Poland. Alicja who own golden retriever Kiara and border collie Cirilla, takes magnificent portraits of dogs that look supremely happy and relaxed. The dogs blend so naturally into the natural settings that their personalities and emotions shine through, giving the images a beautiful, timeless quality.

The most important thing, at what I am doing, is the opportunity to link two of my beloved passions – dogs and photography. Apart from communing with the wonderful creatures, which dogs are, and spending my leisure in this way, I love the fact – that I can put them in my own, self-created world. The crucial thing is, that I do not want to depict the reality – but I mean to disconnect from it. I want to show something, which nobody else can normally see. Mainly, I am inspired by the dogs being photographed. Each dog is a unique one, unrepeatable, and this is what I try to catch. The venues, where the sessions take place, are also important. I always endeavour to select something extraordinary, astonishing – needless to say a magical atmosphere. When the conditions are appropriate, the ideas for shots come themselves.

– Alicja Zmyslowska

Zmyslowska’s technique grants portraits as unique as the dogs featured in each one. She uses Canon EOS 6D and Canon EOS-1D X cameras with 85mm and 50mm lenses.

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