Alper Yesiltas is a talented Turkish lawyer and photographer currently based in Istanbul. For 12 years, Alper captured the same window, until its destruction. “This was the window I used to see every day against my room, so only I was able to see it from this angle”, he says to BoredPanda. Yesiltas started photographing the window in 2005, day after day, according to the seasons, the weather conditions, he kept shooting until its destruction on May 1st, 2017. The building was in a place called Camlica in Istanbul.

I believe photographic eye is in a person’s brain, not in his/her bags or hanged around his/her neck. If you manage to put it somewhere in your brain, every moment is the right moment to take it. So think about it. Remember, it’s your imagination, everything’s possible in your scene.

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