Andrea Pugiotto is a talented 30-year-old photographer and filmmaker who was born in Venice and currently lives and works in Milan, Italy. After graduating from the ISFAV, an Italian Photography Academy, Andrea moved to Milan and worked as assistant in fashion studios. For his series “Vie chez la central”, (Life in the (nuclear) centre)) Pugiotto captured stunning daily life shots in Saint Vulbas, France, home to one of the country’s major nuclear. “In Italy, nuclear energy makes fear, nobody wants a nuclear centre as neighbor,” he explained. “It’s not the same in other Countries. Saint Vulbas, in France, is an example. Many houses are built near the Bugey’s nuclear centre; big and confortable houses, with spacious gardens… and they are so cheap”.

People living there, don’t pay electricity, have lots of advantages and they are convinced that life near the nuclear centre is really convenient: “we enjoy many privileges which the rest of the population can only dream, and the risk is the same. Life is better, here”.

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