Andrés Wertheim was born in 1962 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied photography with Horacio Coppola, who invited him to join his “ Imagema” group and later moved to Germany, where he began to photograph rock and pop concerts. From 1986 on he travels around the world documenting various places and their people, publishing articles in several magazines and newspapers.

In 1988 he studied Video Production at The International Film & TV Workshops, Maine, USA. In 2012 he attended Juan Travnik’s course on Aesthetics and Expression.

He took part of the photographic project CITY 2000, created to document and preserve for future generations how life looked like in Chicago and in 2009 he collaborated with the Maistep Project of the Mainz University, Germany.

Since 2004 he has been working together with international stock photography agencies. His Fine Art prints are being represented by art galleries at solo shows and international fairs.

Some of his photographs are in the Teutloff Collection and also in private and public collections of Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Belgium and Canada.