Andy Gotts is a photographer from London. He is most noted for his black and white portraits of Hollywood actors. Andy is noted for his magnum opus ‘Degrees’. This was a coffee table book inspired by the game, the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. He wrote to 300 actors asking to take their pictures, and received permission from one, Joss Ackland. Ackland then suggested that Gotts photograph Greta Scacchi, with whom he had appeared in the film White Mischief. Gotts proceeded from there, asking each actor to refer him to one or more friends or colleagues.

Each actor Gotts photographed then suggested a best friend, or someone they really admired, as the next person. This gave a chain of ‘who knows who’. Dustin Hoffman suggested Brad Pitt, Brad suggested George Clooney, George suggested Julia Roberts, Julia suggested Susan Sarandon, Susan suggested Paul Newman, Paul suggested…etc. Two weeks before he died Sir Alan Bates wrote a text for Gotts’ Degrees – it was his last penned work – and is included as a foreword. Sir Alan had suggested Pierce Brosnan as his ‘connection’, and Pierce has written a tribute to him. As an afterword, Kevin Bacon himself plays the ‘six degrees’ game, linking himself back to Sir Alan Bates, by just using the actors photographed for the book.