Sandro Achilles has been taking photographs for a host of fashion brands and luxury labels around the world since 2015. For a number of months, he has been thinking hard aboutlaunching his own special book project.

“It’s time to step out of the shadows of fashion labels and client requests and give my work a distinctive touch. Take it to the next level… #Angels marks the start of that process.”

Sandro Achilles has called his project #Angels and is dedicating this outstanding project to the ballerinas and dancers, and to his team who support him both in front of and behind the camera. He wants to bring the whole thing together with fashion & editorial photography in a dynamic and exciting context. The project includes photo shoots at the most prestigious ballet schools in the world – in Zurich, Vienna, Paris, Milan, Moscow and NYC, for example.

The first photo shoot took place in December. With the support of a fantastic team, including ballerina and model (LUX Modelmanagement agency), makeup artist (Jasmin Käser), filmmaker (Markus Eggspühler) and photographic assistant and friend (Paul Aegerter), it was an unqualified success. Markus Eggspühler shot a film and made an impressive trailer from the first shoot that really whets the appetite for more (link to trailer below).

At each additional location, there will be a ballet shoot and/or a fashion editorial shoot with two or three different female and male models, dancers and/or top model influencers.

The next and second stop will be the ballet school in Vienna. It will be a mix of fashion editorial and art in a grand setting, all brought together in one photobook. The best pictures are set to be presented at renowned galleries in Paris and NYC.

About Sandro Achilles Photography

“Never photograph something that does not interest you!”

Sandro Achilles has been a photographer for more than twelve years, but it was not until 2015 that he set up his own company in Miami. Since then, he has traveled back and forth between Zurich, the Sunshine State and the fashion capitals on client business.

After growing up in Switzerland, he has been attracted time and again to far-off places. That means he feels especially happy when traveling and draws a large part of his creativity from foreign places and cultures.

Before becoming a photographer, he worked in various web and advertising agencies, and also worked on the client side.

Right from the beginning of his photography career, Sandro Achilles was interested in fashion and editorial photography. What matters most to him is to work with people and tell stories. He sees this as his calling.

Project site with backstage film and pictures from the first shoot: