Sammantha Fisher is a superb talented self-taught photographer, traveler and lifelong animal lover currently based in Andover, New Jersey, USA. Sammantha uses photography to defend animal rights, she shoots the beauty of rescued farm animals. “I have always loved animals and I feel like this is my life mission – to use my photography to help as many of them as I can,” she explained. Fisher uses Canon EOS 6D and Canon EOS Rebel T3 cameras.

From a young age I knew I was different from other children with how I cared for animals. I was always trying to help any hurt animals I found, from turkey vultures to crows to a squirrel named Earl. I questioned the fact that we had a cat + dog as pets but ate other animas that we didn’t deem as deserving of our love and compassion. I am now vegan for the animals, my health and our planet. I hope that anyone who views my photos makes the connection that these animals are just like humans – they feel, have the same emotions + just want to live with their families in happiness.

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