Wonderful wild animals shots by Octavio Campos Salles, a talented self-taught photographer who was born in São Paulo in 1979 and now lives on the island of Ilhabela, off the SE coast. Octavio focuses mainly on animals, birds, and wildlife photography. ” Since childhood I’ve been very attracted to nature, collecting crabs and other critters at the beach, frogs in wetlands, surfing, snorkeling, walking the forest trails, etc”, he explains. Salles also offers photo tours to the Pantanal and Atlantic Rainforest.

All of a sudden I found myself photographing or watching birds more often then I was fishing. I began “discovering” my local birds and the incredible diversity of species in the Atlantic Rainforest and never looked back. I started guiding photo tours in 2007 to the Pantanal, a place I know intimately since childhood. I was among the pioneers to start modern Jaguar photo tours in that area. Today my tours are specially focused on wild cats, and I am proud to say that I was the first photo tour guide offering tours to dependably photograph all of the 3 largest cats in the Americas: Jaguar, Puma and Ocelot. My goal now is to include some of the other smaller species as well.

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