Anne Lass was born in the northern part of Germany. In her photographic works, she investigates different aspects of human living space in the beginning of our 21st century. Especially in the urban cityscapes, she finds conflict areas that influence her images: conflicts of functionalism and individual development, the association with nature, the concourse of construction and vastness and, last but not least, to human interaction.She obtained a Diplom degree in Documentary Photography from the Folkwang School of Design (Essen, Germany) in spring 2007. Her work has since been exhibited widely in Europe, Australia and Northern America, such as at C/O Berlin, GrazMuseum, Australian Centre for Photography (Sydney) and Museum Fotografia Contemporanea (Milano). Her works have been included in publications such as Hijacked, 1814 Magazine, Nowness, Camera Austria amongst others. Her own publications include Milwaukee Avenue (self published, 2005), In Unserer Zeit (Deutscher Kunstverlag, 2009) and Wandeln (Photographia Borealis, 2010). She has been awarded with prizes such as Epson Art Photo Award (2006, 2007), Canon Profifoto Förderpreis (2008), C/O Berlins Talent Award (2009) and Danish Arts Agency (2009 and 2010). Anne Lass currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.