Finnish artist Anni Leppälä, born 1981, is among the most relevant emerging figures in European contemporary art (Young Artist of the Year 2010). Being part of world famous movement The Helsinki School, her work has been shown in galleries, art fairs and Museums for the last 5 years. Leppälä images transcend basic reality showing both the surface and the intangible of things. Everything in her pictures seems mysterious, unpredictable and uncertain. Landscapes and interiors turn into representations of emotions, memories and dreams. As Italian curator Luigi Fassi describes her work, “the more the artist approaches the detail of artifacts, geography and domestic interiors, the more her gaze moves away from a mimetic dimension of reality to reach a confined territory, halfway between representation and cancellation, where visible and invisible inter-penetrate in a dialectic of continuous alternation”. Photology has started working with Anni Leppälä in 2011 , developing and producing a new body of works entitled She resembles, realized in Sicily during a Photology artist-in-residence program. Her photographs have been shown at Photology Milano, Hermès in Palermo and La Corte del Sole in Noto, in 2012. In the same year Photology published the She resembles series in a pocket size catalogue.