Anthony Lycett is a talented photographer based in London, UK. British fashion and portrait photographer focused on older women with individual character and extraordinary appearance. For Anthony, London has a select group of fabulous creatures that are loyal to themselves, to their own style and this is reflected in the streets he has chosen to work in. Lycett exceptional imagery takes classic portraiture to an other level, creating images that raise an eyebrow or spark a smile.

The self-styled, literally ‘who creates their own style’ project. Installs and plays on the tension between self-proclaimed individual style and rules of a Supposedly pre taste. Started in 2008 it now has more than 200 diptychs, looking into London’s Sub-cultures. Capturing eccentrics, dandies, punks, goths, transvestites and London’s avant-garde who dress like they live, without compromise, with this shift so British that gives us to rethink our ideas and our way of life itself. The diptych reflects the personal pluralism that makes urban liFe through the multitudes of social contexts it generates.

Each in its own way illustrates a personal choice exploring issues of gender, body shape, colour, stereotypes, history or retro-futurism.

-Anthony Lycett