Anton Bundenko contributes successfully as a collage photographer with different international publications. His works is published in PHOTO (France), DAZED DIGITAL (UK), METAL MAGAZINE (Spain), POP magazine blog (UK), SYCKY magazine (Spain), Esquire (Russia), Collezioni (Russia), TrendLand (UK), Fashion156 (UK), PARALLEL (France), U+MAG (Brazil), Animæ magazine (UK). He collaborates as an artist and a print designer with big fashion and luxury retail brands such as Lacoste (France), Estée Lauder (USA), Hannassy (France), ZARA (Spain).

His art works are being sold in Belgium at the gallery Onsitegallery (Antwerp), in Russia at the MSK Eastside gallery (Moscow), also being exposed at the Central House of Artists (Moscow), at the Museum of Modern Arts Erarta (Saint-Petersburg), at the Independent magazines biennale 2014 (Arnhem, Netherlands).