Anton Repponen is a talented graphic designer and photographer, who was born in St. Petersburg raised and went to school in Tallinn, Estonia and currently based in New York. Anton just set up his own studio with fellow designer Irene Pereyra. For his porject “Misplaced“, Repponen isolated New York City icons, allowing them to take on a completely new light. Anton, who has a background in architecture, is clearly interested in urban space, exploring how the removal of urban fabric changes our perception of buildings.

Eleven New York City landmarks have been misplaced, their current location unknown. Photographs of unclear origin appear to show them scattered across the globe – on sand dunes, mud flats, “lunar” plains, and rocky beaches. Nobody knows exactly what happened or why. Did they act of their own volition? Was there foulplay involved? What does it all mean? Stories trickle in from the future, from architects, online reviewers, and the buildings themselves, but these only add to the confusion. Your curiosity and help is much appreciated.

– Anton Repponen

Each image has been edited to include a vignette, further pushing the boundaries of the landscapes and building up the mystery and humour of the series.

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