Paul Eis (previously featured) is a talented 20-years old photographer, and retoucher from Berlin, who is currently studying architecture at the University of Arts and Industrial Design in Linz, Austria. Paul reimagines buildings from Berlin, Linz, and Hamburg by digitally replacing their original facades with new vibrant and colored ones. Most of the buildings are photographed straight on and the aspiring architect corrects the perspective making the vertical lines into geometric forms. Eis has over 27,200 followers on Instagram and counting.

Cities in Germany or Austria, where my images are mainly from, are full of modern architecture. But those buildings are often just characterized by shape and held in a monotonous white or gray. The result is a not very interesting, cityscape with a lack of color. I color the buildings to make the architecture more interesting for the viewer or to show how interesting they are already. It should criticize the often very boring housing estates growing everywhere in the cities where the developers take little interest in design.

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