Anna Beeke is a documentary, fine arts, and wedding photographer who was born in Washington, DC in 1984 and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. She reveived her MFA from the School of Visual Arts, a certificate in photojournalism and documentary photography from the International Center of Photography and a BA from Oberlin College. Her latest series series “At Sea” is an ongoing exploration of American cruise culture. She expected to deepen her interest in the ocean as result of taking on the project, but as it happened, the focus ended up being the American Dream. “The once romantic notion of travelling the ocean to distant lands has become an accessible and affordable way to vacation, with more and more people taking to the seas each year,” says Anna.

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Cruising is the fastest growing sector of the tourism industry worldwide – this project takes a lighthearted look at what it is like to be a passenger on board these floating hotels and the places to which they take us.

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