Jordan Cantelo is a talented self-taught photographer, storm chaser, and Instagrammer currently based in Perth, Western Australia. Jordan travels in some of Australia’s most remote regions just to photograph incredible weather photos. His gear includes a Pentax Medium Format 645z Camera, Canon DSLRs, and a DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone. Cantelo has over 34.300 followers on Instagram and counting.

I am a self taught photographer with only a couple of small studio courses under my belt. My love of photography started while I was still attending high school, where I was given the opportunity to travel with a friend of mine to France. I wanted to capture my time there on film, so after developing the photos from the disposable I had with me, I was stoked to see what I had captured and that really kicked it off for me.

I love photographing waterscapes, cityscapes and any landscape, but my absolute favourite is taking photos of thunderstorms. I have loved thunderstorms since I was very young and have only recently started trying my luck at capturing lightning and storm activity on camera.

Chasing storms is a relatively new thing for me as I didn’t know if anyone actually done it in Western Australia.

After taking a photo of a lightning strike off Burns Beach I was introduced to a great bunch of people who share the same love of the weather as I do. And my love is building.

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