Darian Volkova is a 25-year-old professional ballet dancer and self-taught photographer from Saint Petersburg, Russia, who specializes in capturing ballet dancers. “Ballet is my native environment so I can show this world as the dancer see it,” she says. Graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts, Darian works at Russia’s St.Petersburg Ballet Theatre and reveals trade secrets. She captures prima ballerinas of Mariinsky, Bolshoi, Mikhailovsky and other theaters.

As every ballet dancer I have tours so you can see photos such were taken in Iceland, Norway, German, Czech Republic, Austria, Paris and Russia.

I began with ballroom dancing, then I went to the first class of the Lyceum of Arts, and classical choreography became an important part of my life which I think will never go. After school I enter to the local Institute of Culture.


When I was in my second year a man from Moscow came to our institute with a master class, and then I realized that outside of Khabarovsk can be much more interesting. I consulted with my teacher, she told me, “Go for it”, and 19- years-old-still-hyperactive-trembling-with-fear-girl left everything and went to St. Petersburg. The leading teacher of the department helped me, and I changed the institute. Here the story begins…


Darian Volkova gives us the possibility to look behind the curtain with a very special guide. Her photos capture the stunning movement and graceful lines of Russian Ballet. Darian also studies the history of ballet photography, gives lectures, and runs workshops for aspiring ballet photographers.








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