Absolutely beautiful portraits of ballerinas by Randall Hobbet, a talented photographer, and retoucher currently based in San Francisco, California. Randall focuses mainly on portraiture and baller photography. He shoots amazing fashion, lifestyle, nudes, and portraits of dancers. “Those moments can be in the millisecond moment of a dancer, an emotion passing across the face; or the life force of animate nature, be it animal or plant, the patience of a heron, the predatory gaze of a cat or owl, the flower of womanhood…”, he says. Hobbet has more than 12,8K followers on Instagram.

I’ve lugged a camera around since my teen years, influenced by my father, a talented and passionate amateur photographer with a home darkroom. So after a 33-year career as an international geologist and years of living abroad and wide travels, it seemed natural that I use photography as my chosen medium in seeking creative outlets when I retired back to the San Francisco Bay area in late 2013.

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