Mickael Jou is a talented 31-year-old Taiwanese-French-American photographer and dancer who currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. “A trained dancer, I used to perform ballet and modern dance in the streets of Paris. Tourists would quite often photograph and film me in action in Paris, and after seeing the pictures taken of me, I decided that I should try it out,” he says.

I take dance self-portraits that people describe as poetic, aesthetic and graceful. What I do is different since I do everything myself while combining two arts & photography and dance.

Mickael has combined his love of photography with his talent as a dancer to create a magical series of self-portraits for his 365 project. “My self-portraits help me express the emotions that I feel while dancing,” he explained. “Dance is a very powerful art form, and I try to translate my emotions into my photography.”

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Mickael Jou has been dancing since he was 18 and says he can now combine his love of photography with dance.

“I photograph myself everywhere, between cafés, in the supermarket, in my attic, etc. Sometimes levitating, sometimes dancing.

I’ve spent the last three years working on my 365 photo project. I’ve almost finished half of it and will probably need another 3 years to finish the other half.”

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