Riccardo Magherini is an professional advertising and commercial photographer currently based in Firenze, Italy. Riccardo shoots a lot of still life, yachts, architecture and portrait photography. “I’ve began doing fine art photography in 2011, after a trip to Tokyo,” he says. “The pictures I took there became the bases for the very first series, “Tokyo”.”

“I found that works intriguing… the way time overlaps in the same place and the look that images have, pushed me deeper in that imaginarium. I do like let myself wrap by places and time layers, searching amongst the images a face, a gesture, bring it to the surface and play with it.”

His fine art photography works are represented by Flaere in Paris, The Gallery Notthing Hill in London and recently Hamburg Kennedy in NYC.

“During time I’ve collected some recognition from international contest such as International Photography Awards, International Aperture Awards, Prix de la Photographie Paris and London International Creative Competition.”


I love big cities. I mean, the very big ones. The hugeness of course and the mood, the vibration, the smell and the noise, all this things that metropolises have are captivating for me. And the asian ones particularly, because of the sense of estrangement.




This time was Bangkok, crowded by incredible people. I made base camp in Talat Noi, one of the most popular and ancient part of chinatown, full of mechanical workshop, food stalls and street rusty second-hand car engines stack, a neighborhood dense, noisy and smoky, alive. It was the perfect choice. This series definitely talks about people.






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