Bärbel Praun is an professional photographer who was born in 1978 in Landshut, Germany and currently based between Munich, Saas Fee(Switzerland) and Vienna, Austria. Praun received her degree in Photography and Media from University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld, Germany. She shoots a lot of travel, nature and landscape photography.

“I am a 35-year-old independent photographer and artist, living in Munich and Saas-Fee (Switzerland).
I completed my photography studies with a work entitled “Tourism in the Alps”. Ever since, my photography work explores built-up landscapes and natural and cultural spaces undergoing constant change. I am particularly interested in the tense relationship between nature (the traditional philosophical issue of beauty, truth and the sublime) and society (claiming the landscape as an object of construction and projection). What is authentic, what is artificial? What is it that human beings long for, what are they looking for in nature? What does our homeland mean to us and why do romantic landscapes instil such fascination in all of us?”

-Bärbel Praun