Kate Ballis is a talented young photographer and traveler based in Melbourne, Australia. Kate shoots a lot of lifestly, travel, sunshine and portrait photography. Her approach to photography is making the unseen, seen. She loves aesthetics, light and complexity and sees a powerful beauty in darkness and shadows.

I’m an aestheticist. I love playing with light, complexity and finding beauty in the darkness and shadows. I like the notion of making the unseen, seen. With my fine art photography I’ve been experimenting with the patterns and textures found within the natural world, combining scale and context to create images that, while being wholly grounded in reality, feel other-wordly.

For her series “Beach Above”, Kate Ballis captured stunning aerial photos from a helicopter of Australians who don’t have to travel the world to find a perfect beach. She uses Nikon D810 and Nickon D3S cameras.

More info: instagram / website