Stunning aerial images by Jorge de la Torriente, talented 47-year-old photographer, retoucher and artist based Miami, FL, United States. Jorde received his Bachelors in Architecture from Cornell University in 1997. He focuses on creating minimal and modern works. Torriente provides a fresh and modern approach to the landscapes of Florida and the Caribbean. He blurs the lines between painting and photography, art and science, and the deliberate and serendipitous. “Having worked as an architect for nearly 15 years, I found myself frustrated by the slow process of building and the limitation of creativity working for clients who did not want to build compelling things”, he explaines.

My work is a reflection of the tropical themes that I have been surrounded by all my life. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, I gravitate towards water and nature themes. However, I continue to experiment with scenery, mood, and methods.

Jorge de la Torriente has been the recipient of many international awards, including most recently the title of 2018 “Hasselblad Master” for his work in aerial photography.

My passion for photography and travel go hand in hand. My photographs are not documentations of a place, but rather an interpretation of it. You aren’t simply viewing an image, but experiencing a work of art that has been created and refined through my eyes.

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