Jordan Lacsina is a talented 19-year old photographer from Hilo, Hawaii who currently based in Portland, OR, USA. Lacsina hopes to one day become a sports photographer, but he also enjoys: travel, nature, animal and adventure photography. Jordan currently studies BA in Photography and Design at The Art Institute of Portland.

I grew up loving art and being creative with an imagination that has no boundaries. I started doing graphic design in middle school and thought that was going to be my career of choice. My passion for photography started the summer of 2012, and since then my dreams have only grown higher and higher. I hope to one day become a sports photographer but I also enjoy, wildlife, landscape, and fine art photography. I have fun just taking pictures and being creative.

– Jordan Lacsina

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My passion for photography grows everyday and every time I press the shutter knowing that I can’t ever recreate that exact moment. I want people to be inspired when looking at my photos. Not many things in this world bring me more happiness than having a positive impact on someone and being able to inspire them through my photography.

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