Andrew Kinder is a talented self-taught photographer from Yokohama, Japan who currently based in Sacramento, CA. He shoots a lot of portrait, fashion, landscape and architecture photography. “I was in the Navy for 6 years. I lived in Japan and called Tokyo my home,” he says. “Throughout several deployments in the Pacific Ocean I came to an understanding that life is fleeting.”

At first, it was a very personal experience for me. It was therapeudic to capture my experiences overseas in photographs. Well, eventually I got to a point where I felt I should take that passion and share it with others. I’ve never been more present creating art with this visual medium, or more fulfilled and inspired as I am now. If you’re here to work with me, contact me above or through any of my social media accounts. If you’re just stopping by to view the photos, that’s why they’re here; for you to see. Thank you for your time in either case.

– Andrew Kinder

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