Mar Shirasuna is a talented self-taught photographer from Japan, who currently lives and works in New York City. His Models balance on the edge of New York City’s tallest skyscrapers for incredible photo series titled “Beauty and NYC”. The idea behind the Beauty And NYC project came to Mar while he was looking for a new way to shoot the city. Shirasuna, has been shooting New York for the past three years, and he estimates he has been on more than 150 rooftops in the process and has captured over 50 models.

I wanted a fresh view of New York City, so I climbed to the rooftops of 150 different buildings around town to find cityscapes I had never seen before, and found views that I don’t think many New Yorkers have even had the chance to see.

Mar Shirasuna’s Instagram is filled with pictures of daredevil models teetering dangerously close to the edge of New York City’s tallest buildings. He has over 124,000 Instagram followers.

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