Bernhard Edmaier, born in 1957, had been a geologist before he made photography his profession 20 years ago and founded a photographic agency ‘Geophot – Pictures of the Earth’. He lives in Ampfing near Munich, Germany.

Geology constitutes the basis of his photography. It is his aim to present the manifold colours, forms and structures which the Earth has created without man’s interference. The technique he uses in his work is aerial photography.

Driven by his perennial interest in natural phenomena, Bernhard Edmaier travels extensively to deserted and still untouched corners of the globe to gather material for his books and other photographic projects. On his trips, he is accompanied by Dr Angelika Jung-Hüttl, his partner, fellow geologist and science writer for prominent German newspapers and popular science magazines, who in close co-operation with the photographer, works on book projects and provides scientific commentaries for his photo book editions.

Over the years, Bernhard Edmaier has won many prestigious awards for his work. His volumes of photography ‘Vulkane’ (1994), ‘Eisige Welten’ (1996) and ‘Geoart Deutschland’ (2003) were consecutively voted The Most Beautiful German Science Book of the Year, and his ‘Geoart – Kunstwerk Erde’ won him a renowned Kodak Photo Book Prize in 1998. In 2001 he received the Hasselblad Master Award.