Bertil Nilsson spent a lot of time in the forest growing up in Sweden but his adult life living in the city, moving to London in 2004. Naturally was born from his inspiration to explore nature again, both the landscape and our role within it.

Working with the naked figure in nature is straight forward, there is an obvious connection with our natural history. Nilsson is interested in what happens when he introduces cultural elements – color, shape and dance gestures – to question that relationship.

He collaborates with dancers to find new movements and gestures, from the organic to the decidely artificial. The choice of other elements build on that contrast, both integrating into the scene and serving as a focal point. The placement and choice of color add a symbolic layer, creating possibly unexpected interpretations.

Naturally also represents a personal journey for Nilsson. His interventions take on a theme of tension between order and chaos. There is a tendency in Nilsson’s work to align, structure and ultimately control – in a visual sense – the world around him. The dancers with their free expression confronts him with an opportunity to let go of control and let the chaos unfold.