Tommaso Fiscaletti is an Italian photographic artist based in Cape Town. was was born in 1981. In 2001 he started to create projects between North Africa and Eastern Europe, working constantly in studio as well. Both experiences will be decisive for his later approach to photography.

His works stems from the will of telling the Man about existential subjects, such as family relationships, the memory and the connection with the nature. On 2013 he decided to move from Milan to Cape Town and this has been a crucial step in his personal poetry for the interweaving of cultures and intense stories as the central elements. Since 2004 his work has been exhibited on publics, privates galleries and institutions, in Italy and abroad, obtaining several rewards.

Between Home and Wisdom” is a portraits photographic project. The images were captured in the township of Dunoon, were about 30.000 people live at the doorsteps of Cape Town.

The project was inspired by a group of urban weavers who besides making baskets and bags are also Sangomas. In the South African culture are those who practice the cult of the ancestor worship, and with magic rituals and traditional medicine are able to heal others.